OUR Services

High Quality Engineering Services

  • Owner Engineer Role
  • Design Audit Engineer – Independent Design Reviews for New Machines
  • Structural Condition Assessment for Existing Structures
  • Service Life Extension and Upgrade of Existing Structural Assets
  • Vibration and Dynamic Analysis
  • Seismic Evaluation
  • Structural Failure Investigation
  • Design Optimisation/Improvement
  • Structural Design Risk Reviews
  • Expert Witness and Structural Advice
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Finite Element Modeling and Analysis(FEA)


  • Rail Mounted Mobile Bulk Materials Handling Machines Such as Stackers, Reclaimers, Stacker Reclaimers, Ship Loaders and Ship Un-loaders
  • Mobile Hoppers
  • Rotary Car Dumpers/Tipplers
  • Fixed Materials Handling Structures Such as Conveyor Galleries, Transfer Towers and Fixed Stackers
  • Storage Bins, Silos, Bunkers, Large Diameter Ducts and Steel Stacks
  • Rotary Drum Scrubbers and Conditioning Drums
  • Tanks and Process Vessels
  • Crushers and Rotary Mills
  • Industrial and Process Buildings